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Welcome to Dalton White Farms

We aim to produce superior quality foods that nourish the lives of our customers, enrich the lives of our employees and maintain the health of our soils and environment.

We grow our food and network with other inspired farmers and food entrepreneurs to bring you a unique selection of delicious food and experiences to treasure.

Our Market

At Dalton White Farms, we strive to be a Foodies Paradise. We grow our own food and focus on local, fresh, unique and clean labelled food products. We partner with small, family owned and operated businesses that are carving out niches within the Ontario food industry.

Every one of our products has a story and a reason for being on our shelf. Come see us soon and be taken on a food journey across Ontario!

Our Location

802 James St, Delhi, Ontario

Fri - Sat, 10am - 5pm
Sun - Thurs , Closed