Mushroom Pasta Meal Idea

Mushroom Pasta Meal Idea

Looking for a simple but tasty dinner idea that you can prepare quickly?
All you need are three ingredients!

Add water to a large pan. It should be large enough to allow room to let your pasta to cook evenly. Add some salt, and a splash of  oil to stop it from sticking together. Bring it to a rolling boil. Then add the pasta. Bring it back up to boil. Cook until it has reached desired tenderness. Drain and serve with the prepared sauce.

While your water is boiling, prepare your fresh mushrooms. Quickly wash and slice evenly. Then saute in a pan with butter or your choice of oil. Allow the moisture to evaporate and cook until golden for added flavour.

When pasta is drained, you can add the sauce into the pot with the pasta to warm through. Serve, topped with golden mushrooms!

This should be ready in about 20 minutes!