Farm Market

Front of Dalton White Farms Market
Market is Open Monday-Saturday 9:30-5:30

I have always loved surrounding myself with good food.  To me, good food is beautiful, delicious, tells a story and brings people together.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Actually, I think the most wonderful foods are often simple; a hand full of cherry tomatoes or some fresh berries standing in the middle of a field.

My desire to share this love of food discovery is the fuel behind our market.  The hope is that our shelves will always be filled with unique, delicious, clean labeled foods; created by ambitious farmers and food entrepreneurs.  I want to bring the best from across Ontario and make it available in Norfolk.

Stop in for a friendly chat, try something new or pick up one of your seasonal favorites.

Rebecca DeHooghe - Compton
Rebecca Compton, on the farm. Photo Courtesy of The Grower

Our Location

802 James St, Delhi, Ontario

Closed for the Season